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The consequences of divorce don’t just begin or end when the papers are signed; more often it can effect you during and the aftermath can affect you for a long time emotionally. Divorce isn’t just a law issue, it’s a life issue. Your whole world is turned  upside down, and everything becomes confusing and upsetting for everyone around you as well as yourself. This is where I come in.  When parents decide to separate, often followed by divorce, it’s the children who should be made the top priority. This is where I come in. Domestic Abuse is NEVER acceptable; whether it’s physical, verbal or emotional,  I can help get you.


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No fault divorce is hopefully on the way!

13 Jan 2020 

You will no longer have to prove fault to get divorced after the government announced it would  introduce legislation. 

Justice secretary David Gauke said 'firmly believe now is the right time to end this unnecessary blame game for good'.

It is also proposed to remove the ability of one spouse to 'contest' a divorce in court. 

Irretrievable breakdown will be retained as the sole ground for divorce.