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I offer expert advice and assistance in all aspects of divorce, separation and family matters and will represent you with commitment and strength.

I understand a divorce is not just a law issue but a life issue. You are the most important person in your divorce matter and I offer a wealth of experience to ensure you of a compassionate approach to divorce and will be of assistance to help you deal with it on your terms. I will personally represent you. Together we will prepare your case thoroughly as preparation is the key to success.

I back my legal approach with the latest cutting-edge technology and a highly secure platform for sharing documents to give my clients the best possible service by utilizing technology to the full.

I will always endeavour to keep your legal cost as low as possible.

I look forward to legally assisting you thoroughly in solving your serious family law matter at hand; I am very aware of the psychological and sensitive challenges divorce entails.

I specialize in the fields of:

• Divorce

• Matrimonial Disputes

• Children’s Rights

• and more

My clients can feel safe and secure in knowing their legal matters are in safe and professional hands. 

I offer a personal family law service and you can you can expect the highest quality service from me. I will be dealing personally with you. I will be with you to guide you through uncertain and difficult times. As a Solicitor-Advocate since 2005 I am ideally placed to help you personally without the need to instruct a Barrister.

Based at Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster I can help you wherever you need it. Skype Consultations available. After hours consultation and assistance available.

I can help you deal with Domestic Violence. I can help you protect yourself, your children, your family and your home. You need not suffer abuse. I can help you find remedies and give your advice to stop incidents of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour.

Are you thinking of getting married?, I can advise on Pre-Marital Agreements.

Are you living together? I can help and advice you on reaching a Living-Together Agreement.

Thinking of splitting up?

I can help married, co-habiting, separated or a same sex couple with advice on:

• Divorce

• Property, Money, Pensions and Business

• Children

If you need advice on family law Issues then please to contact Willem.

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